Jojoba oil: comparison
what is the best jojoba oil?

Author: Dr. Michael Tyler
Date: 24.07.2020
Reading time: 1 minute, 46 seconds

While many suppliers offer liquid jojoba wax in numerous different sizes, pay special attention to the quality, which is closely linked to the of production. Regardless of whether you buy the oil in the pharmacy, in the health food store or online, only naturally pure, cold-pressed jojoba oil produces the full desired effect!

We recommend only buying pure jojoba oil without chemical additives, which has been gently pressed and not heated. When shopping, pay attention to terms such as "100%", "naturally pure", "authentic", "cold pressed", "pure". Pure jojoba oil is golden yellow with a subtle but characteristic fragrance. Lighter shades are an indication of multi-pressed oil with less of an effect.#

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There are a large range of products available containing jojoba oil, and price and quality comparison is a necessity. Small quantities with specified purposes, eg "jojoba for beard care" are available for very high prices. Jojoba oil has a broad spectrum of effects and we therefore recommend buying slightly larger quantities and use it for all types of body care. It has a very long shelf life and maintains its quality even at higher temperatures. Make sure that the oil is stored in dark glass bottles. Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary. Some vendors sell the oil in bottles with a dropper, which is very convenient for mixing with other care products and for use on the scalp. Or perhaps fill a vial yourself, using a dropper!

Because of its many uses, the oil is very popular with other cosmetic care products such as face and body cream, shampoo and conditioner, massage oils, cleaning lotions, soaps, lip balms and sunscreen. You should carefully check the proportion of jojoba in relation to the other ingredients. For example, a jojoba shampoo does not necessarily have to contain a lot of jojoba oil. Sometimes the proportion is minimal and only serves to promote sales. You can also add a few drops of jojoba oil to your own trusted care products. So, be sure that they contain authentic pure jojoba oil and determine the concentration yourself. Or maybe you would like to make your own care products with jojoba. In this way, you control all the ingredient proportions yourself.